•    Centennial School District
    Finance Committee
    Monday, October 15, 2012

    1. Welcome and opening comments
    2. Approval of minutes (attachment)
    3. Revenues
              a. Tax collector compensation (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
              b. Act 1 index 2013-14 – information only (attachment)
    4. Purchasing/Contracts 
             a. Mandate waiver renewal – information only (attachment) 
             b. Curriculum materials (attachment)
    5. Reality Based Budgeting 
             a. Outreach – information only 
                   i. Davis Home and School September 11, 2012 
                   ii. Log Home and School October 2, 2012 
                   iii. Willow Dale Home and School October 8, 2012 
                   iv. Districtwide booster meeting (insurance) November 1, 2012 
             b. PASBO/PASA survey – information only (attachment) 
                   i. Centennial shares (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)         
             c. PDE Plancon meeting – information only (attachment) 
             d. PDE Financial Recovery Early Warning System Data Collection – information only (attachment) (attachment)
             e. Status of construction contingency – information only (attachment) 
             f. Review of reports and projection – information only (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
    6. Alternative Revenues 
             a. Advertising - discussion (attachment)
    7. Next meeting November 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM