• Practice tips for parents and students!!


    • Encourage your child to practice.  As a beginner it’s advised to practice about 5x a week for 20 minutes.  Little bits at a time and often, is better than a long time only once or twice a week.
    • Listen to your child practice.  At the end of the week or month hold a mini recital for your family.
    • Try to practice the same time everyday.  Some students even practice a little before school starts.
    • If you become frustrated with something, stop and come back to it later that night.



    Be prepared for your lessons and Band.  You will need:  

    • Instrument
    • Reeds (for clarinet and saxophone
    • Valve oil or slide oil (for trumpet trombone)
    • Rosin and shoulder rest (for violin and viola)
    • Pencil
    • Music book and band/orchestra music 



    The more you play your instrument, the better you’ll get. This includes at

    home and at school.

    Have fun!!