Who is Mr. Regosch?

    I am one of three Elementary Band and Orchestra directors in Centennial School District.  I am currently assigned to Willow Dale  Elementary School.  Sometimes we are referred to as “Instrumental Music Teachers.”


    I graduated from West Chester University (https://wcupa.edu/music/) with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Bachelor of Music in Music Theory.  I attended Council Rock High School (before it became North/South) and grew up in a small neighborhood near the Churchville Nature Center. 


    I started working for Centennial School District in 2002, where I was the Band and Orchestra Director at Leary Elementary School.  Since then I have been at several buildings, primarily at Stackpole (from 2004-2012) and also at Leary, Longstreth and Davis, and McDonald Schools.  I currently teach at Willow Dale Elementary School.  


    Outside of school I enjoy playing trombone, the instrument I started in 4th grade.  I play for a few community music groups.  I currently direct the Southampton Community Band, after serving as the Trombone Section Leader and Assisstant Condctor for many years.  I also play Trombone for the Warminster Symphony Orchestra when I can.  (http://www.southamptonband.org/) (http://warminstersymphony.org/)

    I am married with one daughter and live in down the street in Hatboro.


    Enough about me!  Click the links on the left for answers to frequently asked questions. The list will change and update as the year progresses, so check back often! 

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