• What is The Band and Orchestra Program?

    The Centennial School District offers a comprehensive program, grades 3-12, that teaches interested students how to play instruments, with the intention of dedicated participation in the High School Bands and Orchestras.  Students take group lessons on their specific instrument and participate in band or orchestra rehearsals throughout their schooling.  The Band and orchestra program serves the students by offering technical study, social experiences, and an avenue for artistic expression.  The Band and Orchestra program serves the community by providing entertainment and cultural enrichment.  There are four types of high-school ensembles that the Band and Orchestra program leads towards; concert band, jazz band, orchestra, and marching band.  All of these groups have both and entertainment side and artistic side to them.  Below I will briefly explain each group, and provide some YouTube links to different groups performing highly entertaining or highly artistic music. This way, you have an idea of what your child will eventually be capable of doing.

    (The Centennial School District is not responsible for content of the links on these pages. The District does not sponsor or in any way approve of any activities of these organizations.)

    Concert band:

    The concert band is a collection of wind and percussion instruments. These groups vary in size, and are sometimes referred to as a “symphonic band” “wind ensemble” “concert band,” or “wind symphony.” They can perform both highly entertaining and highly thought-provoking music.


    This is a band performing the music from “Pirates of the Carribean:”



    This is a band from Hawaii having fun with a March called “On the Mall”



    This piece is titled “Equus,” it is meant to sound a bit like a galloping horse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VR_I4mwEF8


    This is the US Marine Band performing our national March, “The Stars and Stripes Forever” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-7XWhyvIpE




    The Orchestra is a collection of strings instruments.  This is usually called a “string orchestra.”  Eventually some wind and percussion instruments get added to create what is called a “full” or “symphonic” orchestra.


    This is The Detroit Symphony performing Star Wars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsPX2IS2lf4


    These are two links to two different parts of a Symphony by Tchaikovsky. One is slow with lots of different sounds, the other is quicker, and features plucked strings. 





    Jazz Band:

    The Jazz Band experience begins in Middle School with certain types of instruments being able to audition for the group.  They are usually called “jazz bands.” Occasionally they are called “swing bands,” “lab bands,” “jazz orchestras,” “dance bands,” or “stage bands.”  Participants eventually learn to make up melodies on their own, called improvising. 


    This a  Jazz band from Australia playing a tune called “Woodchopper’s Ball:” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3ixfScW9EI


    This a more modern Jazz Band piece, from the Movie “The Incredibles:”




    Marching Band:

    The Marching Band is literally the most visible performing group in a school district.  Varying in size from dozens to hundreds, high school marching band members enjoy an exciting performance experience.  They usually perform at football games, pep rallies, and local parades.  They also take performance-based trips to locations around the country.  Participants dress in matching uniforms to provide an impressive, bold appearance. They also move while they play, creating formations on the football field as they execute music. This is where the terms “drum major” and “drum line” come from. 


    Here is Ohio State University Marching Band’s now famous “Video Games” show:


    (The Centennial School District is not responsible for content of the links on these pages. The District does not sponsor or in any way approve of any activities of these organizations.)