• Centennial School District

    Finance Committee



    Monday, June 17, 2013


    1.    Welcome and opening comments

    2.    Approval of minutes (attachment)

    3.    Safety/Security

    a.    Department of Homeland Security outreach status report – information only

    4.    Payroll/Benefits

    a.    Auxiliary pay schedule – action needed (attachment)

    5.    Purchasing/Contracts

    a.    Bid/quote threshold – action needed (attachment)

    b.    Routine annual bids – action needed (attachment)

                                      i.    Fresh produce

                                     ii.    Stock

    c.    Health Services renewals – action needed (attachment)

                                      i.    Dental exam contract

                                     ii.    Physical exam contract

    d.    Curriculum renewals – action needed (attachment)

    e.    K12 Teacher Evaluation Software – action needed (attachment)

    6.    Reality Based Budgeting

    a.    Review of reports and projection – information only (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

    b.    Annual year-end closing resolution – action needed (attachment)

    7.    Alternative Revenues

    a.    PECO rebate – information only (attachment) (attachment)

    b.    Menchie’s partnership – action needed (attachment)

    8.    Next meeting August 19, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    9.    Read at home – information only

    a.    Centennial shares – PASBO Elements of Budgeting – information only (attachment)

    b.    PASA/PASBO study – information only (attachment)

    c.    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (attachment)

    d.    Preferred Choice Network Participating Retail Pharmacies (attachment)