•                                                             CENTENNIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                                        FINANCE COMMITTEE

                                                                               August 19, 2013

       1. Welcome and opening comments

       2. Approval of minutes from June 17, 2013 Attachment 2 (Action)

       3. Accounting/Accounts Payable/Benefits/Payroll
             A. School Resource Officer update - Attachment 3A (Action)
             B. Source4Teachers - Attachment 3B (Action)
             C. Voluntary long-term disability policy (CEA) renewal - Attachment 3C (Action)

       4. Purchasing/Contracts
             A. Scanning services quote Q14-001 - Attachment 4A (Action)
             B. Dry mop service quote Q14-004 - Attachment 4B (Action)
             C. Warminster Ambulance – Attachment 4C (Action)
       5. Reality Based Budgeting
             A. 2014/15 budget development calendar – Attachment 5A (Action)
             B. Review of updated projection – Attachment 5B (Information)               

                 i. Analytical reports return in September after the 60 day accrual period closes for preliminary close of June 30, 2013 and in October for the first 2013-14 report.

        6. Adjournment
        7. Read at home (Attachment)
             A.  2012-13 Local Audit - Attachment 7A (Information)
             B.  Affordable Care Act update - Attachment 7B (Information)
             C.  Bucks County school district tax comparison - Attachment 7C (Information)
             D.  Clear Choice demand response payment - Attachment 7D (Information)
             E.  Easy Procure procurement card rebate - Attachment 7E (Information)
             F.  PECO incentive payment - Attachment 7F (Information)
             G.  Standard & Poor's Update - Attachment 7G (Information)
    Next meeting will be held September 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm.