Centennial School District

    Finance Committee



    Monday, September 16, 2013


    1.    Welcome and opening comments

    2.    Approval of minutes from August 19, 2013 Attachment 2 (Action)

    3.    Accounting/Accounts Payable/Benefits/Payroll

    A.    Risk administration management (gap insurance) – Attachment 3A (Action)

    B.    Request for waiver of penalty and interest – Attachment 3B (Action)

    C.   Internal control update – Attachment 3C (Information)

    4.    Purchasing/Contracts

    A.    BCIU technical support for Microsoft upgrade – Attachment 4A (Action)

    B.    Bridges contract for blended learning – Attachment 4B (Action)

    C.   Wordsworth special education contract – Attachment 4C (Action)

    D.   Tax collector rental of space – Attachment 4D (Action)

    5.    Reality Based Budgeting

    A.    Capital projects and capital reserve fund status updates – Attachment 5A (Information)

    B.    Review of updated projection – Attachment 5B (Information)

                                                        i.    Analytical reports return in September after the 60 day accrual period
    closes for preliminary close of June 30, 2013 and in October for
    the first 2013-14 report. Attachment 5Bi, Attachment 5Bii, Attachment 5Biii

    6.    Adjournment

    7.    Read at home Attachment 7
    A.    2014/15 budget development calendar – Attachment 7A (Information)

    B.    Affordable Care Act update – Attachment 7B (Information)

    C.   Centennial shares – Attachment 7C (Information)

    D.   State budget outlook – Attachment 7D (Information)

    E.    Tax collection committee projected 2014 budget – Attachment 7E (Information)

    The next meeting will be held October 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm