• How do I go about getting an instrument?
    You may obtain an instrument at any music store of your choosing. 

    Centennial School District uses Music and Arts Centers as a distributor.  They offer very fair rental prices for our students.  They also offer a variety of choices in ordering the instrument. 
    Option 1:  Go to the music store directly.  The address is 490 Easton Rd, Horsham PA. 215-443-7880
    Option 2:  Order the instrument on line to be delivered to the school.  www.musicarts.com
    If you have an instrument within your family you may use that too.  Please have the condition of the instrument checked over so that it is in good working order.
    Please be cautious when ordering instruments from other websites that are not music stores.  These instruments are sometimes of poor quality and can hinder the progress of your child.  Instrument parts bending, pads falling off, or keeping the instruments in tune is sometimes problematic.
    When does my child need to bring his/her instrument to school?
    Your child will be designated a day of the week for their lesson day. Example:  If your child has lessons on Monday, Please remember your instrument every Monday.  If your child has lessons on Tuesday, please remember your instrument every Tuesday. etc... 
    They will also need to bring their instrument on Band or Orchestra day.  (see below)
    How does the Band and Orchestra schedule work?
    The Band and Orchestra schedule will not begin until mid-year.  More information will follow in January.