• Centennial School District
    Finance Committee

    Monday, November 18, 2013


    1.    Welcome and opening comments

    2.    Approval of minutes - Attachment 2 (Action)

    3.    Purchasing/Contracts

    a.    Automated Communications Bid – Attachment 3a (Action)

    b.    BCIU Homestead Consortium – Attachment 3b (Action)

    c.    MAP Assessments – Attachment 3c (Action)

    d.    Warminster Township Rock Salt Cooperation – Attachment 3d (Action)

          e.  Forthcoming Technology items for December Board Action – Attachment 3e (Information)  

    4.    Alternative Revenues

    a.    Better World Books – Attachment 4a (Action)

    5.    Reality Based Budgeting

    a.    Review of open and potential operations projects – Attachment 5a (Information)

    b.    Review of updated projection and analytical reports – Attachment 5bi
          Attachment 5bii, Attachment 5biii, Attachment 5biv (Information)

    6.    Read at home – Attachment 6

    a.    Affordable Care Act Updates – Attachment 6a (Information)

    b.    Centennial Shares – Attachment 6b (Information)

    c.    Demand Response – Attachment 6c (Information)

    d.    PECO – Attachment 6d (Information)

    e.    MBIT Preliminary Budget & Lease Rental – Attachment 6e (Information)

    f.     Special Education Data Report – Attachment 6f (Information)

    g.    Transportation Updates – Attachment 6g (Information)


    The next meeting will be held Monday, December 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM