Centennial School District

    Finance Committee



    Monday December 16, 2013 - 6:00 pm



    1.    Welcome and opening comments

    2.    Approval of minutes from November 18, 2013 – Attachment 2 (Action)

    3.    2012-13 Audit

    a.    Presentation by Maillie – Attachment 3a (Action)


    4.    Revenues

    a.    Requests for waiver of Real Estate penalty – Attachment 4a (Action)


    5.    Purchasing/Contracts

    a.    Davis and McDonald utilities – add to cooperative purchasing – Attachment 5ai,
    Attachment 5aii, Attachment 5aiii

    b.    Gilbert Architects incorporation of cameras and card readers into vestibule project  Attachment 5b (Action)


    6.    Reality Based Budgeting

    a.    Review of updated projection and analytical reports – Attachment 6ai, Attachment 6aii (Information)

    b.    2014-15 General Fund budget summary of working file – Attachment 6b (Information)


    7.    Alternative Revenues

    a.     EMC Development Company capacity reduction agreement – Attachment 7a (Action)

    8.    Read at home (Attachment)            

    a.    PSERS update – Attachment 8a (Information)

                b.    SEC underwriter rule – Attachment 8b (Information) 

    c.    Siemens ESCO analysis – Attachment 8c (Information)

    d.    US Foods – Attachment 8d (Information)


    The next meeting will be held January 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM