•  Finance Committee 

     Monday, January 13, 2014

    1.   Welcome and opening comments

    2.   Approval of minutes from December 16, 2013 – Attachment 2 (Action)

    3.   Revenues

               a.   Appointment of Deputy Real Estate Tax Collector for Warminster Township –
                     Attachment 3a (Action)

     4.   Purchasing/Contracts

                a.   Insurance Broker Services RFQ 2014-12 – Attachment 4a (Action)

                b.   Dental exam rates – Attachment 4b (Action)

                c.   AV Enhancements Bid 2014-03 – Attachment 4c (Action)
                d.   Chief Co-Pilot Maintenance RFP 2014-14 – Attachment 4d (Action)
    5.   Reality Based Budgeting

                 a.   Review of updated projection and analytical reports – Attachment 5a (Information)

                 b.   2014-15 General Fund budget summary of working file – Attachment 5b (Action)

    6.   Adjournment

    7.   Read At Home (Information)

               a.   Affordable Care Act Update – Attachment 7a
               b.   Automated Messaging RFP 2014-15 – Attachment 7b
               c.   Bid and quote thresholds – Attachment 7c
               d.   Capital project and capital reserve fund analysis – Attachment 7d
               e.   GFOA issue brief on SEC municipal advisor rule – Attachment 7e
               f.    Hart Property Bid – Attachment 7f
              g.   Newtown Property Bid – Attachment 7g
              h.   PA State Police School Safety Report – Attachment 7h
               i.     Special Education Funding Commission Report – Attachment 7i




                        Next meeting February 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM