Bag Breakfast

    The cafeteria would be glad to pack a field trip meal for any students needing that service. Click here for the bag breakfast order form.

    Bag breakfast offerings include:
    Choice of: #1 Cereal Bar or Whole Wheat Pop Tart w/ toast
    #2 Bagel(s) w/ Cream Cheese
    #3 1 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
    Fresh Fruit
    Orange or Apple Juice
    Milk Choice

    The cost for each breakfast is based on your child’s current paying status. The meal would be free for students receiving free meals, .30 cents for students receiving reduced meals, and the regular rates are $1.35 for elementary, 1.60 for middle, and $2.00 for the high school.
    The child nutrition department needs this form and payment at least the day before and the menu may be subject to change in rare cases. If you have any questions please call the school nutrition office.