• When called for jury duty, an employee is compensated by the school district at his/her daily rate.
    • Enter your absence request into Skyward.  Select "Time Off," "My Request," and "Add." Then select "Jury Duty" as the "Time Off Code."  If a sub is needed for your absence, check the box "Sub Needed." After you submit the absence, you will then need to click "Add" and "Attach" and attach your summons to your absence. You may also e-mail your summons to JohnLi@CentennialSD.org. 
    • Following jury duty, an employee should:
      • Cash/deposit the full jury duty check into his/her personal account,
      • Then write a personal check payable to the Centennial School District for the DAILY RATE ONLY paid by the court; keep monies awarded for mileage.
      • Submit the check to the building secretary.
      • Building secretaries will forward the check to Donna Brassell in the Business Office.