• Finance Committee


    Monday, March 17, 2014


    1)     Welcome and opening comments

    2)     Approval of Finance minutes from February 10, 2014 – Attachment 2 (Action)

    3)    Accounting, Benefits and Payroll

    a)  2014 renewals – Attachment 3a (Action)

    b)  BCIU #22 Early Intervention – Attachment 3b (Action)

    c)  Summer Camp 2014 – Attachment 3c (Action)

    d) Upper Southampton Township Deputy Tax Collector – Attachment 3d (Action)

    4)    Reality Based Budgeting

    a) Autistic Classroom ProposalAttachment 4a (Action)

         b) Lead Teacher Proposal – Attachment 4b (Action)

         c) Summary of Working Budget File – Attachment 4c (Information)

         d) Review of Analytical Statements and Updated Projections – Attachment 4d (Information)

    5)     Adjournment 

    6)     Read At Home

         a)  Affordable Care Act

                         6ai) Sample Bronze Level Plan – Attachment 6ai (Information)

               6aii) Cadillac Tax – Attachment 6aii (Information)

          b)  Capital Reserve Fund Plan of Finance – Attachment 6b (Information)

         c)   Demand Reduction – Attachment 6c (Information)

    d)  Governor’s Proposed Budget – Attachment 6d (Information)

         e)   MBIT Proposed Budget – Attachment 6e (Information)

         f)   Workers Compensation Experience Modifier – Attachment 6f (Information)


                   The next meeting will be held Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm