Centennial School District
    Policies and Administrative Regulations
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    000 Board Governance
    000  School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, Limitations and Exceptions
    000-AR School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, Limitations and Exceptions
    001 Name and Classification
    002 Authority and Powers
    005 Organization
    006 Meetings
    006-ARs Meetings
    006.1 Attendance at Meetings via Electronic Communications
    007 Policy Manual Access 
    011 Board Governance Standards
    012 Board Policy Development Process

    1.0 Board
    1.4 Centennial School Board Superintendent Evaluation

    100 Programs
    100 Comprehensive Planning
    100-AR-0 Comprehensive Planning
    101 Mission Statement
    102 Academic Standards
    103 Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Students
    103-ARs Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Students
    103.1 Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students with Disabilities
    103.1-ARs Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students with Disabilities
    105 Curriculum Development
    105-ARs Curriculum Development
    105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents/Guardians and Students
    105.2 Exemption from Instruction
    105.2-ARs Exemption from Instruction
    105.3 Animals in the Classroom for Educational Purposes
    105.3-AR Animals in the Classroom for Educational Purposes
    106 Guides for Planned Instruction
    106-AR Guides for Planned Instruction
    107 Adoption of Planned Instruction
    107-AR Adoption of Planned Instruction
    108 Adoption of Textbooks
    108-ARs Adoption of Textbooks
    109 Resource Materials
    109-ARs Resource Materials
    109.1 School Libraries
    109.1-ARs School Libraries
    110 Instructional Supplies
    110-ARs Instructional Supplies
    110.1 Use of Calculators
    111 Lesson Plans
    111-AR Lesson Plans
    112 Pupil Services 
    113 Special Education
    113.1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities
    113.2 Behavior Support
    113.2-ARs Behavior Support
    113.3 Screening and Evaluation for Students with Disabilities
    113.4 Confidentiality of Special Education Student Information 
    113.5 Special Education Evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations at Public Expense
    113.5-AR Special Education Evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations at Public Expense
    114 Gifted Education
    115 Career and Technical Education
    115-ARs Career and Technical Education
    116 Tutoring
    116-AR Tutoring
    117 Homebound Instruction
    117-ARs Homebound Instruction
    118 Independent Study
    119 Current Events
    121 Field Trips
    121-ARs Field Trips
    122 Extracurricular Activities/Clubs
    122-ARs Extracurricular Activities/Clubs
    123 Interscholastic Athletics
    123-ARs Interscholastic Athletics
    123.1 Concussion Management
    123.1-ARs Concussion Management
    123.2 Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    123.2-AR Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    124 Alternative Instruction Courses
    124-AR Alternative Instruction Courses
    125 Adult Education
    126 Class Size
    126-ARs Class Size
    127 Assessment System
    127-ARs Assessment System
    130 Homework
    130-ARs Homework
    131 Guest Speakers for the Instructional Program
    131-ARs Guest Speakers for the Instructional Program
    132 Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth
    136 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
    137 Home Education Programs
    137-ARs Home Education Programs
    137.1 Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students
    137.1-ARs Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students
    138 Language Instruction Educational Program for English Learners
    138-ARs Language Instruction Educational Program for English Learners
    140 Charter Schools 
    140-ARs Charter Schools
    140.1 Extracurricular Participation by Charter/Cyber Students
    140.1-AR Extracurricular Participation  by Charter/Cyber Students
    142 Migrant Students
    142-AR Migrant Students
    143 Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools
    144 Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes
    144-ARs Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes
    146 Student Services
    150 Title I Comparability of Services

    2.0 Personnel
    2.2 Professional Personnel Placement Assignment and Transfer

    200 – Pupils
    200 Enrollment of Students
    200-ARs Enrollment of Students
    201 Admission of Students
    202 Eligibility of Non-resident Students
    202-ARs Eligibility of Non-resident Students
    203 Immunizations and Communicable Diseases
    203-ARs Immunizations and Communicable Diseases
    203.1 HIV Infection
    204 Attendance
    204-ARs Attendance
    204.1 Family Trips Scheduled During the School Year
    204.1-AR Family Trip Request Form
    205 Postgraduate Students
    206 Assignment within District
    207 Confidential Communications of Students
    208 Withdrawal from School
    209 Health Examinations - Screenings
    209-ARs Health Examinations - Screenings
    209.1 Serious Allergies
    209.1-ARs Serious Allergies
    209.2 Diabetes Management
    209.2-AR-0 Diabetes Management
    210 Use of Medications
    210-AR Use of Medications
    210.1 Possession/Administration of Asthma Inhalers/Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
    210.1-ARs Possession/Administration of Asthma Inhalers/Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
    211 Student Accident Insurance
    211-ARs Student Accident Insurance
    212 Reporting Student Progress
    212-AR-0 Reporting Student Progress
    215 Promotion and Retention
    215-ARs Promotion and Retention
    216 Student Records
    216-ARs Student Records
    216.1 Supplemental Discipline Records
    216.1-AR Supplemental Discipline Records
    217 Graduation 
    217-ARs Graduation
    218 Student Discipline
    218-ARs Student Discipline
    218.1 Weapons
    218.1-ARs Weapons
    218.2 Terroristic Threats 
    218.2-AR Terroristic Threats
    219 Student Complaint Process
    219-ARs Student Complaint Process
    220 Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials
    220-ARs Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials
    221 Dress and Grooming 
    221-AR Dress and Grooming 
    222 Tobacco Use
    222-ARs Tobacco Use
    223 Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles
    223-ARs Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles
    224 Care of School Property
    224-ARs Care of School Property
    224.1 Student Indebtedness
    224.1-ARs Student Indebtedness
    225 Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
    226 Searches
    227 Controlled Substances/Paraphernalia
    228 Student Government
    229 Student Fundraising
    229-ARs Student Fundraising
    230 Public Performances by Students
    230-AR Public Performances by Students
    231 Social Events and Class Trips
    232 Student Involvement in Decision Making
    233 Suspension and Expulsion
    235 Student Rights and Responsibilities
    235.1 Surveys
    236 Student Assistance Program
    238 Child Custody
    238-AR Child Custody
    239 Foreign Exchange Students
    239-AR Foreign Exchange Students
    240 Contests/Competitive Events
    246 School Wellness
    246-ARs School Wellness
    247 Hazing
    247-ARs Hazing
    249 Bullying/Cyberbullying
    249-ARs Bullying/Cyberbullying
    250 Student Recruitment
    251 Homeless Students
    252 Dating Violence
    252 Dating Violence AR
    255 Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care 

    300 – Employees
    301 Creating a Position
    302 Employment of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
    302-ARs Employment of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
    304 Employment of District Staff
    304-ARs Employment of District Staff
    305 Employment of Substitutes
    306 Employment of Summer School Staff
    307 Student Teachers/Interns
    307-AR Student Teachers/Interns
    308 Employment Contract/Board Resolution
    308 ARs Employment Contract/Board Resolution
    309.1 Telecommuting
    309.1 AR Telecommuting
    311 Reduction in Staff
    313 Evaluation of Employees
    313-ARs Evaluation of Employees
    314 Physical Examination
    314-AR Physical Examination
    314.1 HIV Infection
    314.1-ARs HIV Infection
    314.2 Communicable Diseases
    314.2-AR Communicable Diseases
    317 Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures
    317.1 Educator Misconduct
    317.1-AR Educator Misconduct
    317.2 Employee Code of Ethics
    318 Staff Attendance
    319 Outside Activities
    319-AR Outside Activities
    320 Freedom of Speech in Nonschool Settings
    321 Political Activities
    321-AR Political Activities
    322 Gifts
    322-AR Gifts
    323 Tobacco-Smoking
    323-AR Tobacco-Smoking
    324 Personnel Files
    324-AR Personnel Files
    325 Dress and Grooming
    326 Complaint Process
    326-AR Complaint Process
    328 Compensation Plans and Salary Schedules
    331 Job Related Expenses
    331-ARs Job Related Expenses
    332 Working Periods
    332-AR Working Periods
    334 Sick Leave
    335 Family and Medical Leaves
    335-ARs Family and Medical Leaves
    336 Personal Necessity Leave
    337 Vacation
    338 Sabbatical Leave
    338-ARs Sabbatical Leave
    339 Uncompensated Leave
    340 Responsibility for Student Welfare
    340-ARs Responsibility for Student Welfare
    341 Benefits for Part-time Employees
    342 Jury Duty
    342-AR Jury Duty
    343 Paid Holidays
    346 Workers'Compensation
    346-AR Workers Compensation
    347 Workers' Compensation Transitional Return to Work Program
    348 Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Staff
    348-ARs Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Staff
    351 Drug/Alcohol Testing for Employees
    351-ARs Drug/Alcohol Testing for Employees
    351-ARs Drug/Alcohol Testing for Employees
    353 Outstanding Achievement Awards
    353-ARs Outstanding Achievement Awards   

    4.0 Non-Instructional Operations
    4.1 Grants 
    4.7 Payroll

    600 – Finances
    601 Fiscal Objectives
    601-ARs Fiscal Objectives
    602 Budget Planning
    602-ARs Budget Planning
    603 Budget Preparation
    603-AR Budget Preparation
    604 Budget Adoption
    604 ARs Budget Adoption 
    605 Tax Levy
    607 Tuition Income
    607 ARs Tuition Income
    608 Bank Accounts
    608-ARs Bank Accounts
    610 Purchases Subject to Bid/Quotation
    610-AR Purchases Subject to Bid/Quotation 
    611 Purchases Budgeted
    611-ARs Purchases Budgeted
    612 Purchases Not Budgeted
    613 Cooperative Purchasing
    613-AR Cooperative Purchasing
    620 Fund Balance
    622 Fixed Assets
    622-ARs Fixed Assets
    623 Post-Issuance Compliance
    623-ARs Post-Issuance Compliance
    624 Post-Issuance Compliance for Obligations
    625 Procurement Cards
    626 Federal Fiscal Compliance
    626-ARs Federal Fiscal Compliance
    626.1 Travel Reimbursement – Federal Programs 

    7.0 – Administration
    7.4 Induction and Orientation
    7.5 Staff Development
    7.8 Response to Disaster and Emergency
    7.13 Student Activity/Clearing Funds
    7.26 Investments
    7.27 Payment of Bills
    7.32 Continuing Professional Education

    700 – Property
    701 Facilities Planning
    701-ARs Facilities Planning
    701.1 Naming Rights
    701.1-AR Naming Rights
    702 Gifts and Donations
    702-ARs Gifts and Donations
    703 Sanitary Management
    703-ARs Sanitary Management
    704 Maintenance
    704-ARs Maintenance
    705 District-Wide Safety and Equipment
    705-ARs District-Wide Safety and Equipment
    706 Property Records
    706-ARs Property Records
    706.1 Disposal of Surplus Property/Supplies
    706.1-ARs Disposal of Surplus Property/Supplies
    707 Use of School Facilities
    707-ARs Use of School Facilities
    708 Lending and Care of Equipment and Materials
    708-ARs Lending and Care of Equipment and Materials 
    709 Building Security
    709-ARs Building Security 
    709.1 Video Surveillance
    709.1-ARs Video Surveillance
    710 Use of Facilities by Staff
    710-ARs Use of Facilities by Staff
    711 Concessions
    716 Integrated Pest Management
    716-ARs Integrated Pest Management
    718 Service Animals in Schools
    718-ARs Service Animals in Schools
    719 Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Drones
    719-ARs Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Drones   

    800 - Operations
    800 Records Management
    800-ARs Records Management
    801 Public Records
    801-ARs Public Records
    802 School Organization
    803 School Calendar
    803-AR School Calendar
    804 School Day
    804-ARs School Day
    805 Emergency Preparedness
    805-ARs Emergency Preparedness
    805.1 Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies
    805.1-ARs Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies
    806 Child Abuse
    806-ARs Child Abuse
    807 Opening Exercises/Flag Displays
    808 Food Services
    808-ARs Food Services
    808.1 Free/Reduced Price Meals
    810 Transportation
    810-ARs Transportation
    810.1 School Bus Drivers and School Commercial Vehicle Drivers
    810.1-ARs School Bus Drivers and School Commercial Vehicle Drivers
    810.2 Transportation Video/Audio Recording
    811 Bonding
    812 Property Insurance
    812-ARs Property Insurance
    813 Other Insurance
    813-ARs Other Insurance
    814 Copyright Material
    814-ARs Copyright Material
    815 Acceptable/Responsible Use (Students)
    815 Uso Aceptable/Responable de Estudiantes
    815.1 Social Media
    815.1-ARs Social Media
    816 Acceptable/Responsible Use (Staff)
    818 Contracted Services Personnel
    819 Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Response
    822 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    822-ARs Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    823 Naloxone
    823-ARs Naloxone
    824 Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries
    827 Conflict of Interest 

    900 – Community
    901 Public Relations Objectives
    901-AR Public Relations
    902 Publications Program
    902-ARs Publications Program
    903 Public Participation in Board Meetings
    903-AR Public Participation in Board Meetings
    904 Public Attendance at School Events
    904-ARs Public Attendance at School Events
    906 Public Complaint Procedures
    906-ARs Public Complaint Procedures
    907 School Visitors
    907-ARs School Visitors
    908 Relations with Parents/Guardians
    908.1 Parent Organizations
    908.1-AR-0 Parent Organizations
    909 Municipal Government Relations
    910 Community Engagement
    911 News Media Relations
    911-ARs News Media Relations
    913 Nonschool Groups/Organizations/Individuals
    913-ARs Nonschool Groups/Organizations/Individuals
    913.1 Business Affiliations
    913.1-AR-0 Business Affiliations Certification
    915 Booster Clubs
    915-ARs Booster Clubs
    916 Volunteers
    916-ARs Volunteers
    917 Parental/Family Involvement
    917-AR-0 Parental/Family Involvement
    918 Title I Parent and Family Engagement
    918-ARs Title I Parent and Family Engagement
    920 Community Fundraising
    920-ARs Community Fundraising
    920.1 Crowdfunding
    920.1-ARs Crowdfunding