• Membership in the William Tennent High School's Chapter of NHS is bestowed by the Faculty Council on those students who exemplify the cardinal virtues of the Society—Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. 


    The Student must have achieved a non-weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.5 over the previous academic years at William Tennent High School. 


    The student must have provided, service to 2 groups, the school district and community (not within the school district); a minimum of 4 hours of service to each group is required.  Additionally, students are required to  act as tutors at a minimum of twice per month.


    The student must have held, within the previous twelve months, at least one leadership position over an extended period of time in a school or community organization/project.


    The student must be judged, by a pool of the entire faculty, to possess the qualities of good character, which include integrity, positive behavior, cooperation, and ethical behavior.  He/she must have no recorded incidents of cheating or intentional dishonesty, no record of skipping classes, or of knowingly violating school regulations, and no record of civil offenses within the community.