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    All Willow Dale students have a separate writing special in rotation with Health and Guidance, which equates to approximately once per month.  Mrs. Dougherty teaches grades three through five, and Mrs. O'Leary teaches kindergarten through second grade writing.  Lessons are developed around the five focus areas of the grade level rubric: Focus, Content, Organization, Style and Conventions.  We will use mentor texts to help students understand author's craft and to begin to see themselves as writers.  We will also focus on skill development.     


    Schedule 2016-2017:

    Day           Grade        Teacher        

    A1              AMK           Monaghan

                      1                Capriotti 

                      2                Freedman       

    A2              PMK           Monaghan

                      1                Marchesani

                      2                Jacobson                         

    A3             AMK            Peters

                     PMK            McGarrey       

                      1                Angelitis

                      2                Torok         

    A4              AMK           McGarrey

                      PMK           Field

                      1                Piazza

                      2                Lapsley

    A5              AMK           Tiger

                      1                Davis

                      2                Soncini

    A6              PMK           Tiger

                     1                 Laatsch

                     2                 Brockman

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