• All the so-called 'secrets of success' will not work unless you do!
     “Skill” Grades
    When an assignment is formally graded, you will receive a score on a 10-point scale for each skill for which that assignment should show mastery (the number of skills will depend on the size of the assignment).  An example of skills that will be assessed might be:

    ·        Appropriate use of learned grammar

    ·         Appropriate use of learned Conventions

    ·        Comprehension

    ·         using reading strategies

    ·         identifying text features

    ·        Other skills that will be introduced as the year progresses

    You will receive a rubric for each graded assignment so that you know ahead of time which skills are being graded for an assignment.  In Skyward, you will see a 10-point grade for each skill, so a larger assignment may be listed several times for different skills.  This is so that we can see which skills are your strengths and weaknesses over time.

    “Work Habits” Grades

    Not all of the work that you do will be graded, but it will all contribute to your success on the graded assignments.  Each progress report period, you will also receive the following “Work Habits” grades to show your mastery of the skills required to be an independently successful student (and worker):

    ·        Preparation for class (required materials)

    ·        Meaningful participation in small group and class discussions

    ·        Meets deadlines for work (rough drafts, projects, etc.)

    ·        Effective use of the writing process (drafting, revising, editing, etc.)

    ·        Following directions for assignments


    Scores that appear in the student gradebook have the following description:

    10/10: Shows mastery……… You use this skill accurately and consistently (all the time).

    9/10: Approaching mastery……… You can use this skill accurately but need to be more consistent

    8/10: Developing mastery……… You show some evidence of the skill, but its accuracy needs to improve.

    7/10: Beginning to use skill……… You are starting to use this skill, but it is still weak.

    6/10: Attempts to use the skill……… You tried the assignment but are not showing the skill.

    5/10: No evidence to grade……… You did not turn in the assignment.