• Getting Help With Social Studies:
    Students are able to get assistance during lunch (3rd lunch only) or after school with notice.

     Absences/Turning in Missing Work:

    o   How does my child get missing assignments? Your child should check the “Classroom Calendar” on my webpage or ask a friend to see what assignments he/she missed.  All assignments can be printed from the “Assignments & Projects” webpage or pulled from the black assignment box in the classroom. 

    o   How does my child turn in work from absences and/or incomplete work? Your child can turn work in during the class period- after the opening routine and introduction to the lesson.  Students may also stay for lunch or after school (with notice). 

    Late Assignments: Assignments that are not in class are considered late.  Assignments that are not fully completed are considered incomplete.  No credit is given for late/incomplete Daily Assignments as we will immediately go over answers in class.  Students who are absent have equal to the number of days absent to turn in missing work (absent 2 days, has 2 days to turn in work- please contact me within the time period if an extension is needed).  No credit will be given for “Daily Assignments” not turned in within the time frame.  Students not completing and/or submitting work in a timely manner will have a lunch detention(s) and/or an after school work session(s) until 4:15 (with notice).