• Waving $100 Bill
    Personal Finance Curriculum:
    • Budgets
    • Banking
    • Retirement
    • Bonds/Mutual Funds
    • Stocks
    • Buying a House
    • Credit Cards/Borrowing Money

    Stock Market Game (sponsored by EconomicsPA)

    Congratulations to the 2007-08 Personal Finance teams that once again finished in first place in the region and placed several teams in the top ten!  Check their total equity now that we are at the end of the game....they started with $100,000!

    Fall Semester 2007

    Place Team Members  Equity  % Above       S & P Growth 
    1st PA_9_ZZ988 Brian Wolk and Ray Horn  $  126,855.99 119.4%
    2nd PA_9_ZZ998 Andrew Valle and Brent Tuleja  $  124,326.46 117.1%
    3rd PA_9_ZZ996 Kendra Dillon-Johns and Chris Weist  $  115,152.26 108.4%

    Spring Semester 2008

    Place Team Members  Equity  % Above       S & P Growth 
    1st PA_31_ZZ4744 Jon Avery and Mike Hess  $         147,190.09 43.40%
    3rd PA_31_ZZ4755 Jake Vegetable and Troy Nitzky  $         116,486.54 12.70%
    4th PA_31_ZZ4733 Sophia Smecker and Jason Horrox  $         112,829.82 9.01%
    5th PA_31_ZZ4746 Geoff Eill and Dave Clark  $         112,566.65 8.74%
    7th PA_31_ZZ4739 Mike Sohonic and Harsh Patel  $         109,842.23 6.01%
    9th PA_31_ZZ4743 McKenzie Cloak  $         109,351.27 5.52%



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    Class Links:

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      Tis is the official site for the Stock Market Game!

    • CNBC
      Use this link for your daily warm-up and to find current event articles!

    • Hoovers
      This site is useful for researching companies. Use it to find if they are publicly traded, or to identify subsidiaries!