• English Student Information

    In class, we will be reading short stories, building vocabulary, working on parts of speech, and writing both formally and informally.

    Materials Needed:

    *Folder                                                              *Writing utensils

    *Agenda book                                                  *SSR book                                                          



    Grades will be based on the following:

    Written Composition/Projects





    Warm-ups including Daily Edits/Journals


    Written Compositions/Projects:

    ·All writing will be started in class with graphic organizers, examples, and specific instructions following the writing process.


    Journals and Daily Edits:

    ·         This grade is based solely on following directions, effort, and completion.

    ·         Journals consist of prompts and daily edits require you to correct the errors in the sentence(s) or apply a learned skill.

    ·         Journals will be kept in the room


    ·         Three warnings will be given to a student who breaks the classroom rules three times in one class period. Depending on the severity of the behavior, a detention may be given or a referral to the principal may occur.


    Contact Information:

    Yael Schwartz


    215-441-6075 ext. 11423

    I am looking forward to providing a challenging and meaningful education for your child in a safe and caring learning environment!