•  Honors 8 Criteria

    Middle School Social Studies Honors 8 Criteria


    Grade of an “A” in Social Studies, English, & Reading Inquiry

    If a student meets the initial requirement, he/she will be scored in the following areas:


    Academic Ability    *High level of reading comprehension

                                      Vocabulary at or above grade level

                                     *Clear expression in written work with supporting details and examples

                                    *Ability to complete multi-step directions independently


    Organization           Is able to keep a well-organized notebook

                                      Keeps track of dates for assignments and tests

       *Good note-taking skills that allows for extrapolation of key concepts


    Time Management    Makes good use of class time and tutorial

                                    *Effectively handles due dates:

                                           -Turns in homework on time

    -Able to plan for long-term assignments


    Participation            Contributes to class discussions

                                    *Asks questions that demonstrate academic curiosity and thought

                                    *Displays knowledge indicating independent inquiry


    Effort                        Follows directions

        Written work is accurate and complete

                                     Projects reflect research, planning and application of ability

                                     Seeks enrichment and extra credit activities


    Study Habits           Prepares for scheduled evaluations

    Makes use of test review materials, participates in classroom   review, and takes advantage of tutorial or office hours.

        *Strong test and quiz scores


    * Indicates an area of significant focus