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    After learning about the significant camera angles used in still shots and film and how they are used to convey emotions and information to an audience, we learned how to classify films by genre. Using classics by Hitchcock, modern films, and even game shows we identified the common elements of cinematic suspense:
    • Slow reveals
    • Long tracking shots
    • Music and sound effects to mimic emotions
    • Zooms on important hints
    • Close-ups of a character's eyes
    • Making the audience wonder what happened

    Whether through humor or fear, the students planned, filmed, and edited 30-60 second clips to create feelings of suspense. The film was edited with the software, Movie Maker, and the entire process took about six weeks. For many, the most difficult task was editing. It's tricky to make everything look just right!

    Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the shows! Click here to view the student produced clips.

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