• College Credit Subsidy for Act 93 Administrators
    Tuition will be reimbursed up to the graduate or Ph.D. program (doctoral) credit cost amount for Temple University subject to the Administrator’s approved program as follows:
    • One hundred percent (100%) payment for a grade of “A” or “P”; and
    • Ninety percent (90%) payment for a grade of “B”.
    In order to be eligible for tuition reimbursement the Administrator must obtain the prior approval of the Superintendent or her designee for the courses in which the Administrator intends to enroll.
    If an Administrator resigns for any reason or if an Administrator’s employment is terminated for cause by the Board of School Directors, then promptly upon the Administrator’s resignation or termination the Administrator shall repay to the School District a sum of money equal to the amounts of tuition reimbursement paid to him or her by the School District during the prior three (3) year period.