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    William Tennent High School Behind the Lens Film Festival Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

    DEADLINE for Entry: ​March 13, 2020​ ​by 11:59 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS

    1.​ ​Comedy:​ Tells a humorous story. May incorporate comedic elements such as misunderstandings, or satire. ​(No longer than 5 minutes)

    2.​ ​Public Service Announcement:​ A PSA is a short message, which informs the public, or changes public opinion, actions, or feelings. ​(No longer than 2 minutes).

    3.​ ​Music Video:​ Video pictures set to original or non-original music. All music used is copyright protected and the intellectual property of the musical artist. Copyrighted material must be credited at the end of each video. (Permission must be granted to use copyrighted material). (​No longer than 4 minutes).

    4.​ ​Narrative: ​Any fictional or nonfictional piece which is presented in a sequence and tells a story and does not fit into the other specific categories.​ (No longer than 5 minutes) *Documentary films can be submitted in this category

    5.​ ​Silent Films: ​Black and White film in the silent film era style. Instrumental music only. ​(No longer than 3 minutes).

    6.​ ​Experimental:​ Your film doesn't fit neatly in any other category? This is the place for it, just keep it under 5 minutes.

    7.​ ​Middle School Category​: ​Are you in 8th grade or younger? Then this is the category for you. ​Any film 5 minutes or less​ produced by Middle School students.

    8.​ ​Alumni and Friends Category:​ ​- ​A Category specifically For BWTV/WTHS Alumni. That's right, we just can't let you go! Accepted Genres: Narrative, Documentary, or Experimental. ***​(This category is a separate competition. Films will ONLY be judged against other films in this category and are not eligible for any "High School" awards.)***

    Films MUST follow these rules:

    • All films must be submitted under one of the above categories. No entry may be submitted in multiple categories.
    • Your film should have the following 'slates'​ (and will NOT be part of your finished time)
    • At the beginning of your video project/timeline you need 1 second of black (no audio of any kind here)
    • Then, 3 seconds OVER BLACK: A title card with: Name, title of film, and genre. (no audio of any kind here)
    • Then, 1 second of black (no audio of any kind here) Then, your film
    • Finally, after the ending credits, 1 additional second of black. (no audio of any kind here)
    • Have been written, directed, produced, and technically executed entirely by high school students.
    • Have appropriate, family-friendly content. Films containing profanity, nudity, drug use, weapons, or depictions of violent acts will be disqualified.
    • The filename for each film submitted must follow this format: Film Title –Student Last Name – Submission Category. file extension (i.e. Unmasked – Smith– Narrative. mpeg)

    Movie poster rules **ONLY nominees will be required to submit a movie poster this year. 

    Each film must submit a movie poster of their film **ONLY if selected as a nominee. ​The possibilities are limitless. The only rules of the movie poster are (a) it must be 13 x 19 in PORTRAIT mode at a resolution of 150 (b) it must be uploaded to Mrs. McCaffery on the due date specified.

    Save your file as a JPEG. It must be NO LARGER than 20 MB. Name the ​file​ the TITLE OF YOUR MOVIE