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America Like Me

America Like Me is a new course that seeks to examine questions of culture and identity through diverse modern literature. Through readings and discussions of literature and society, the class forms a deeper understanding of who they are and what it means to be American today, preparing students to create better communities for us all. This week, Dr. Bedden and Mrs. Coles, DEI and Education Director, met with students and joined the discussion. Thank you, Mr. Cutillo and Dr. Henrich, for extending the invitation.

America Like Me


HERStory: Women's Voices in American History & Literature

While more than half of the population of the United States is female, have you ever wondered why so many stories about females remain untold? In fact, a large percentage of our nation’s history and literature have excluded the contributions of women, and society is constantly redefining the roles of women. The purpose of this course will be to explore the impact of historical events on the lives of American women, and the varied roles women have played in shaping American history - including how the societal definition of gender continues to evolve. Through a myriad of both fictional narratives and non-fiction primary sources, this course will examine the ways in which race, class, and ethnicity have shaped women’s lives. We will delve into work environments, family life, social status, organized activities, and political positions with an emphasis on the female experience. We will also research the impact of gender in the construction of American history - both past and present. This elective will serve as an avenue for students to question and analyze history to include women’s voices, often overlooked in traditional historical and literary narratives.

(Coming Fall of '22)

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