Head-Lice Information

Centennial School District is dedicated to our students’ academic performance and physical well being in a healthy and safe environment. While head lice may cause anxiety, the district recognizes that head lice does not pose a health hazard, is not a sign of un-cleanliness, and is not responsible for the spread of any disease. The district is committed to working together, using established current research in the management of head lice in school. The goals for providing a healthy and safe environment for students with head lice are to:

  • Maximize academic performance
  • Minimize absence due to unnecessary exclusion of students with head lice
  • Educate staff, students and parents/guardians about head lice
  • Utilize evidence-based practices for management for students with head lice


Managing Head Lice in the School Setting
One of the most effective ways of preventing and treating head lice is to provide information and educate all members of the school community. It’s important that families and schools work together to manage head lice.

School’s Responsibility

  • Provide information and educate all members of the school community about head lice and how to treat it.
  • Assess whether a student has a live lice infestation and ensure that their parents are notified of the infestation.
  • Ensure that students identified as having head lice have been adequately treated by a parent or guardian.
  • Send a notification letter to parents/ guardians if multiple students are found to have a live lice infestation in a specific classroom (elementary only).

Parents' Responsibility

  • Know the signs and symptoms of a live lice infestation and viable eggs.
  • Ask the school nurse if you have any questions about identifying or treating Head Lice.
  • Check your child’s head for head lice routinely once a week.
  • If lice are found, notify the school nurse and ensure that treatment has been completed before the student returns to school.
  • Educate family members on how to prevent the spread of lice; i.e. sharing of combs, brushes hats and scarves.
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