• School Counselors: Mrs. Ward & Mr. Immerman

      Mrs. Ward Grades 1, 2, & 3 Mr. Immerman Grades K, 4, & 5

    Phone Ext.

    15030 15031
    Email wardch1@centennialsd.org immero@centennialsd.org
    A school counselor is available to consult with students, staff, outside agencies, and parents concerning a variety of matters that affect academic, social, or emotional growth. The social worker, and psychologists,  work with the school counselor to provide a seamless flow of services.  He/she also provides direct instruction in classrooms on a variety of topics and leads important student activities such as Community Service Programs, FISH  (Families in Separate Homes), Friendship, Stress and various Social Skill Groups.

    How the school counselor helps the students
    The School Counselor...

    • Teaches Guidance classes to all grade levels
    • Facilitates small groups.
    • Meets with students individually to provide short term assistance when they are facing difficulty (examples, social issues, family changes)
    • Coordinates community service group.
    • Works as a liason to the parents and families.
    • Assists in transition of new and transferring students.
    • Serves as part of the Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Team.
    • Provides parenting classes.
    • Participates in IEP meetings for students with special needs.