New ID Requirements at Registration

  • All students, including standbys, will be required to upload a photo and provide their gender
  • Photo and gender will be printed on all tickets, rosters, and score reports

Photo ID Required –Only these forms accepted on test day:

  • Government issued photo ID (such as a driver's license)
  • School ID card with photo
  • School ID letter with photo on school letterhead
  • Notarized statement with photo

Stringent ID Requirements for Admission

  • Test center rosters will now show the name, photo and gender of each student eligible to test at that test center.Students not listed on the rosters will not be admitted.
  • Students must bring BOTH an acceptable photo ID and their ticket with their photo.

Standby Process

  • Students who miss the late registration deadline will be required to request standby testing on line in advance of test day and must print a standby ticket.
  • If a student wants to make a Test Center or Test Date Change after the late registration deadline the student will be required to request the change online in advance of test day and print a standby ticket.
  • NO more walk-ins on test day.

SAT & ACT Prep (Testing and Education Reference Center) can be found through our Library page under the Databases link, or by clicking HERE.