The tradition continues…this year marks the 53rd annual Black and White events at William Tennent High School!  Our Black and White Advisors, Mr. Matt Tomlinson and Mrs. Nicole O’Brien, are excited to be working with our 2018 Generals as the BlackHawks take on the White Nightmare. The Black Team Generals are Claudia Krouse and Dennis Grabert and the White Team Generals are Nicole Reh and Brandon Layer.

    Beginning on Wednesday, February 21st, from 12pm – 2:17pm, the events open with Academic Day, featuring game-show style trivia rounds and musical performances. The action moves to the pool on Thursday night, February 22nd, beginning at 6:15 p.m., for various aquatic challenges during Pool Night. Finally, Friday, February 23rd at 6:15 p.m. is Gym Night, where athletic contests and dance routines wrap up the festivities and end with the winning team announced. Look for a few surprises this year!