• Dear Centennial Community:

    Did you know that:

    • Children who don’t read during their summer vacation can lose up to three months of reading achievement…but children who DO read over the summer can INCREASE their reading ability and endurance.

    • Summer learning loss impacts reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and more...but reading a wide variety of texts outside of school improves reading fluency and strengthens vocabulary acquisition.

    • Teachers use up to one month re-teaching students to make up the gap...but children who have read during the summerare more prepared for new learning from day one.

    • This “summer slide” is cumulative; over time it can create a gap of two and up to five years by the time students reach high school...but CSD is committed to reducing the negative impact of the “summer slide” by encouraging students to participate in CSD Summer Reading.

    We are partners in your child’s success:

    We are asking all Centennial School District students to read for pleasure throughout the summer, and to keep a record of their summer reading on the CSD Summer Reading Challenge Inventory Form. Students who complete summer reading can submit this form as their entry ticket in a prize drawing given by each building.

    We also ask that families support reading during the summer, and ask you to read along with your children as well. Your participation in summer reading is important for us to create a true Centennial community of readers.

    In order to qualify for a prize drawing upon return to school, students are encouraged to participate in CSD Summer Readingthrough one or more of these opportunities:

    • Read self-selected texts independently (Texts are considered to be books, E-books, audiobooks, magazines, electronic periodicals, graphic novels, poetry collections, plays, short fiction, etc.)

    • Participate in Reading Olympics

    • Participate in the Big Summer Read (HS)

    • Complete reading assignments from AP Course reading lists (HS)

    • Participate in Teacher-led Book Chats

    Prior to summer break, students should print a copy of the CSD Summer Reading Inventory Form and complete it as they readduring the summer. Upon their return to school in September, students should submit the form to their school librarian. The completed Inventory Form will serve as the student’s ‘raffle ticket’ for the prize drawing; this form can be found on the district, school, and school library sites. All forms are due no later than October 1, 2018.


    Centennial School District Administration