Centennial Virtual Learning Academy
  • What is Centennial Virtual Learning Academy (CVLA)?

    Centennial Virtual Learning Academy is Centennial School District’s in-house cyber school option, which uses the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) for its curriculum, teachers, and support. Virtual Learning Network (VLN) is a web-based student portal which includes access to student coursework, virtual classrooms, an online gradebook, a monthly calendar, and weekly progress indicators, to name a few features.


    Why Choose Centennial's Virtual Learning Academy?

    Unique opportunities here in Centennial! Being a part of the Centennial Virtual Learning Academy program provides your child with numerous advantages:

    • Students have access to district resources and facilities, including individualized guidance and support from a district liaison and school counselors.
    • Students may join district-sponsored extracurricular activities and sports teams.
    • Students may participate in field trips and school events, such as school dances, pep rallies, and awards.
    • Graduating students earn a diploma from William Tennent High School and are able to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    • Students may enroll in a career and technology program at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology.
    • Students have the opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment courses to earn college credits while in high school.
    • Students may have school pictures taken and be included in the school yearbook.
    • Students are eligible to receive district awards, recognitions and scholarships.


    Benefits of Virtual Learning Network (VLN)

    • Tuition-free program provides each student with a notebook computer, digital textbooks and online and district tech support daily.
    • Students receive online teacher support, from a VLN teacher, via daily live homeroom and office hours, one-on-one tutoring, writing and math labs, evening homework help and more.
    • Cyber Charters do not offer Vo Tech or Hybrid scheduling options which many students desire.
    • Many cyber charter programs lack structure and daily check-ins which are key to keeping students on track for success and identifying potential student concerns that need to be addressed. VLN operates on a weekly module/due date schedule to help students manage their time and stay on pace. We also  provide daily homeroom check-ins and weekly progress reviews to help students stay accountable and on-pace with their work.
    • Many cyber-charter programs assess students primarily on multiple choice questions, where our program ensures they develop necessary writing skills through the completion of essays, short answers and projects/papers. Students are also required to show their work on their math assignments in the VLN program to demonstrate understanding.
    • Some Cyber Charters do not provide textbooks for their courses. The VLN program provides textbooks for all courses and the feedback we have received indicates that this is important to many students/parents.
    • We have also received feedback from former cyber charter school families that technical support and equipment swaps often take weeks to complete with the cyber charter schools. Our program offers support for the online interface 7 days a week and equipment issues and swaps are handled locally at the district to prevent downtime for students.
    • State-testing for Cyber Charter schools often requires they travel to a satellite site to complete their testing sometimes traveling as much as 2-3 hours away from their home. If testing requires multiple days to complete, they have to stay overnight in a hotel. All Centennial Virtual Academy students will complete testing locally within the district.


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