• Centennial School District in Partnership with

    Warminster Township Police

    Upper Southampton Police

    Ivyland Borough Police

      are proud to participate in the

    It’s Cool to Have Police at School” Program

    Centennial School District in partnership with Warminster, Upper Southampton and Ivyland Police Departments are pleased participate in the “It’s Cool to Have Police at School” program.

    Centennial School District has explored various means to integrate police officers into the school setting in a way that allows officers to form long-lasting bonds with our students. In order to enhance both professional and community relationships, Centennial School District created a program to both increase police presence in our schools and enhance positive relationships between police officers and the district’s students, faculty, staff and parents.

    You may see an increase in police presence and police cars parked at your child’s school on a daily basis.

    “It’s Cool to Have Police at School” began May 1, 2013. There is a standing invitation with the police departments of Warminster, Upper Southampton and Ivyland. Police officers are always welcome to come have breakfast and/or lunch with the students. The officers are provided with a small workspace that they can utilize to complete reports and perform certain clerical tasks that would otherwise require the officer to return to police headquarters. If officers are too busy to eat a full breakfast and/or lunch in the cafeteria, they are encouraged to patrol the school parking lot and stop in for a quick bagged lunch to go.

    The goal of the program is for police presence to be a daily scene in all of our schools. It’s a great opportunity for police officers to be more visible in the schools and for students to get to know the officers as trusted adults. We want the students, teachers and parents to recognize the officers. Officer visits also benefit students, who can see law enforcement role models up close.

    It is important to note that the officer will NOT use the workspace to conduct interviews and will not bring witnesses, victims or suspects into any school. The workspace is only for simple clerical work, and the visits are designed to be supportive in building positive, safe school culture. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office of the Director of Teaching and Learning at 215-441-6000 x 11006.