Welcome to the Office of Teaching and Learning

  • The Office of Teaching and Learning oversees the district-wide curriculum and instruction, student programs and activities, district and state assessments, and faculty and staff professional development in the district. Curriculum includes the courses of study for all subjects K-12, instructional resources, and assessments. Student programs include: athletics, arts, extra-curricular activities, clubs, assemblies, and field trips. We ensure that students have opportunities to enhance their unique skills and build capacity in all areas.  In addition the Office of Teaching and Learning coordinates all student teacher and practicum placements, ensures compliance with all school safety regulations, and serves as a liaison to community organizations.

    Mr. Anthony Gabriele, the Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning and Innovation sets the strategic vision and oversees the district wide systems for teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, technology, innovation and professional learning. 

    Organizational Clarity

    Strategically, the Office of Teaching & Learning remains committed to continuous improvement in the following key areas:

    • Academics and the Arts
    • Equity and Family Engagement
    • Innovation and Personalization

    Organizationally, the Office of Teaching & Learning stays committed to continuous improvement in the three key strategic areas by keeping a laser like focus on:

    • Student Achievement & ROI (Return on Instruction)
    • Equitable Opportunities for All
    • Proactive and Transparent Communication
    • Purposeful and Authentic Innovation
    • Fiscal Responsibility & ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Alignment of Managed Systems

    Operationally, the Office of Teaching & Learning stays committed to continuous improvement in the three key areas of the strategic plan and maintaining our organizational focus by:

    • Challenging traditional obstacles and replacing them with enhanced and innovative processes
    • Practicing inter-accountability
    • Practicing defined autonomy
    • Building internal leadership capacity
    • Embracing disequilibrium & the cycle of continuous improvement
    • Practicing proactive, collaborative decision making that reflects a Global, Future Ready Society

    Mr. Anthony Gabriele - Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning and Innovation
    GabrAn@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11051

    Mr. Joseph Rutz - Assistant Director of Secondary Education
    rutzjo@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11029

    Ms. Mary Anne Robold, Administrative Assistant
    roboma@centennialsd.org   215-441-6000 x11007

       Ms. Donna Colletti - Secondary Math and Technology Coach
    colldo@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11415

    Mr. Nick D'Andrea - Elementary Math and Technology Coach
    dandni@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11028

    Ms. Rose Miele - Elementary Literacy Coach
    mielro@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11294

    Mr. Jamie Kifferly - Data Coordinator
    KiffJa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11026