• Welcome to Centennial School District's Pupil Services Department!

    The Centennial School District believes that children thrive in a safe, supportive learning environment.  The mission of Pupil Services is to provide oversight and leadership for various student support functions, such as counseling, social work, and nursing.  In addition to these supports, Pupil Services also facilitates the implementation of vital processes and unique mandated programs, such as homebound services, home education, safe schools, wellness, individualized gifted education programs, student enrollment, and Section 504 services.

    We partner with other departments and with our school administrators to ensure consistent communication to our community.  We also support the community of parents by addressing concerns and providing information on various topics within the realm of student support services.

    Ms. Melissa Bolden - Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Pupil Services
    BoldMe@centennialsd.org    215-441-6000 x11041

    Mr. William Jeffreys - Assistant Director of Pupil Services
    JeffWi@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11044
    Ms. Kathy Murphy - Pupil Services Secretary
    MurpKa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11041
    Ms. Karen Pressler - School Nurse Coordinator
    PresKa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11045