• Name:   Nancy King-BerkovitzLet's get to work
    Grade Level:   English
    Room No: A117
    Phone No: 215-441-6000                           
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    Welcome! Thanks for visiting!
    If you'd like to speak with me, use e-mail for the fastest communication. I will try to reach you within 24 hours.  If you are a student and need to make something up, please let me know as soon as possible!
    Here is my schedule for 2013=2014
    Period1: Advanced Placement Literature
    Period 2: American Literature (11th grade)
    Period 3: Gifted Advisory
    Period 4: Advanced Placement Language
    Period 5: Advanced Placement Language
    Period 6: Prep (usually spent at the copier)
    SAT CONNECTIONS CLUB: If you are interested in some free practice with the verbal section of the SAT, please listen to the daily announcements for Thursday meetings.  We will meet after 3:00 to accomodate office hours and run until approximatly 4:00 p.m. 
    THINK TANK: Originally slated as gifted group, we welcome all students,grades 9-12, who like to discuss "big ideas" philosophically, without the fear of homework. We meet once a month with wide-ranging topics.
    In addition, Ms. Leahy and I are co-leading the English department this year, so if you have curricular questions, come visit.  I am also working with Mr. O'Connor, Mrs. Stek, Mrs. Donnelly, and Mrs. LaBelle with the gifted advisory.
    I have been blessed with great students and colleagues and look forward to speaking with you!