• Welcome to Centennial School District's Technology Department!
    Centennial School District has approximately 3,200 computers. Each school has at least two computer labs and mobile laptop carts with 25 laptops.  Elementary schools have 3 student computers per classroom and secondary schools have 4 computers per classroom. All teachers have a desktop computer and district provided e-mail.
    All rooms have Interactive white boards/projectors. Several sets of Classroom Response Systems are available for classroom use.

    All Centennial computers have Internet access and provide a wide range of academic software for student use.

    The Technology Department consists of: the Director of Learning and Innovation, one Network Specialist, one Data Processing and web Specialist, one Technology Support Specialist, and seven Technology Associates that are the first level of support in the school buildings. In addition, the department secretary is the technology associate for the administration building.
    For more information, you may contact (215) 441-6000, Extension 11051.