Davis Line

      Nothing compares to family meals, but our food service department works hard to encourage nutritious meals away from home. In February of 2019, the program and department was audited by the Department of Education to assure we are meeting all nutritional requirements and guidelines for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. 

      The CSD Food Service Department is committed to supplying healthy, affordable meals to our students and staff.  Each meal is analyzed for nutrient compositions to meet the dietary guidelines of the program. Our goal is to encourage every child to enjoy high quality, nutritious meals served with a smile. Did you know that every lunch we serve meets 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowances set by health professionals on the national level? As every parent knows, calculating the required nutrients and calories is a cumbersome task. The Food Service Department is aided in this function by using a computer software program and called "Primero Edge".   Let us take the guesswork out of meeting your student's nutritional requirements. As every parent also knows, meeting these needed requirements can be expensive. Let us use our bulk purchasing to help your family stretch the food dollars without sacrificing quality. We will constantly be experimenting with new menu items along with test tasting days that students should find fun and nutritious while continuing our emphasis on introducing more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Look for "Try It Tuesdays" for all children through out the district to take part in our test tasting days which helps support our vision of supplying good nutrition to our students and allowing along with encouraging them to make healthy choices. 

      In an effort to "Go Green", and we don't mean veggies this time, menus will be available on this website. Extra copies can always be picked up in the cafeteria or main office. We are energized by starting another school year and look forward to serving your students and hopefully being a big part of their happy healthy school memories.
      For more information, you may contact (215) 441-6000, Extension 11015.