• spanish
    Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Kempf
    Grade Level: 8
    Room No 26
    Phone No 215-364-5950 ext. 11459
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    September  2015


    Dear Parents or Guardians,

    I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your child this year. I love teaching Spanish because I care deeply about each of my students. This is my eleventh year at Klinger Middle School before which I taught Spanish at William Tennent High School. I believe students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in class. The main goal of my course is to cover basic Spanish.  Over the course of this year, we will introduce our students to basic introductory material in Spanish such as the alphabet, counting/numbers, greetings/goodbyes, the calendar, weather expressions, likes/dislikes, descriptions with adjectives.  We with continue with sports, leisure time activities, school life, the house, family and food.  There will also be a focus on the following locations in Spanish 1: Spain, Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile.

    The program that we use is called Exprésate.  It is a program that includes on location video and audio.  We will be speaking Spanish on the first day of class.  At the end of each unit there is a bilingual vocabulary page in Spanish and English that students must learn to be successful. 

    All coursework carries a point value and is based on in class speaking and listening activities, written work, homework and quizzes/tests.  Each homework assignment is worth two points and may be submitted late for one point.  Each project will have a rubric explaining its grading.  Quizzes will be given throughout each unit and may be unannounced.  There will be five unit exams and a final exam for the course.  Students will need a notebook or folder for their Spanish papers and a place to write notes and keep the "repaso" activities which will be checked twice a marking period for extra credit.  Most students use a composition book.

    Also note, that if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, I am available for phone calls and meetings (by appointment please) each day before and after school. To schedule a meeting, you may contact me at
    kempel@centennialsd.org or via the phone at 215-364-5950.

    I am excited about working with your child. I welcome questions or comments, and am looking forward to a great year!  Please return the bottom portion of this letter with your student.


    Mrs.Elizabeth Kempf