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    Our mission is to educate, promote development, and encourage our children in education and life. The Home and School Association is active throughout the school with various activities, helping them grow in a safe environment.  With the help of administration, staff, parents, and student involvement we are able to provide a sense of community that is long lasting.  Support begins with membership and continues with coordinated fundraisers all going back into creating a stronger student body and school community.


    Welcome back Klinger families!

    The Home and School Association would like to welcome back our 7th & 8th grade students and say hello and welcome to our new students and 6th graders.  We are hoping to make the
    2018-19 school year one of the best.  There are new ideas and projects in the works. The Home and School Association is looking for parent, teacher, and student involvement! Please come and see what we are about, new ideas are always welcome.

    What happens at a Home and School meeting?  

    • You are able to raise concerns, suggest ideas, and have input as to how funds are spent.
    • You will meet like-minded people and make new friends!
    • You can create a new committee or join an already existing one, any and all help is appreciated.
    • Utilize your skills and gain some new ones.
    • You will be “in the know”, you will find out what is going on in school and meet new families and the staff.

    Why JOIN the Home and School?

    • You are your child’s most important role model! Showing them that you value their education will teach them to value it also.
    • Research shows that children who have parental involvement results in fewer disciplinary problems.
    • Home and School connects you to other parents and teachers through meetings, events and communications, helping to build a sense of community.
    • Getting involved makes you part of the solution- helping to make positive changes!
    • Look for the links: committees, calendar of events, meeting schedule, forms, and programs/flyers.

    Please complete the Home and School membership form and sign up!

    Thank you in advance!

    Klinger Middle School
    Home and School Association
    Contact Us:  kmshomeandschool@gmail.com


    Klinger Home & School Executive Board

    President – Jim Mento 

    Vice President – Barbara Weaver 

    Treasurer – Amy Burkart 

    Corresponding Secretary – Laura Pickford

    Recording Secretary – Sharyn Knowles