• Volunteer & Chaperone Guidelines

    NOTICE: If you have volunteered/chaperoned at least one time in the 2012-2013 school year and the district has them on file you do not need to obtain new clearances!


    Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our Centennial Schools. We value your involvement and participation in our programs and trips. For the safety of our children, the CSD Policy 5.14 holds certain requirements for volunteers/chaperones. Volunteers serve in a vital role for which we are grateful in the running of our day-to-day programming. Depending on the situation, CSD 5.14 “Volunteers” requires certain documentation. 

    Here are the guidelines intended to help our school community interpret policy procedures. 

    Volunteers/Chaperones who may be in a position to be with students and unsupervised by staff, or those who accompany students on field trips including overnight field trips must obtain all clearances including:

    1.     Act 114 FBI Federal Criminal History Report- $28.75 (Online registration)

    2.     Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance- $10 (print, money order & mail only)

    3.     Act 34 State Police Criminal History Report- $10 (Online)

     Regularly scheduled volunteers in the classroom:

     1.     Tuberculosis Test (Within 1 Year from time prior to signing on to volunteer)

    Continuing volunteers do not need to renew clearances each year. Volunteer must have been in a classroom or attended a field trip a minimum of one (1) time per school year to be eligible for non-renewal of clearances. A volunteer has the affirmative obligation to notify the Director of Human Resources if they are arrested or convicted of a crime after clearances have been initially submitted.

    Volunteers may not assume the responsibilities of District staff but may provide assistance when under the direction of a staff member and with the permission of the Administrator

    Volunteers may not administer or enforce discipline upon students.

    Except in the case of life-threatening emergency, volunteers shall not administer first aid or medication to students.

    Except as specifically authorized by Administration on a case by case basis, volunteers shall not operate any motor vehicles owned by the School District, nor shall they transport students as part of any School District program or activity.

    All volunteers are required to maintain absolute confidentiality in working with students, staff and all privileged information in the school.


    · If volunteer will not be alone or unsupervised, clearances are not required

    · If volunteer may be in a position to be alone or unsupervised, clearances are required.

    · If volunteer will be in a position to be alone or unsupervised, clearances are required.

     Once again, thank you for your invaluable involvement which enriches our program overall. Thank you for your support