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    Mr. Christopher Berdnik



    Mrs. Mary Alice Brancato



    Mrs. Patti Crossan, President



    Mr. Andrew Dixon



    Mrs. Shelley Eilenberg, Vice President



    Mr. Flemming Godiksen



    Mr. Charley Martin



    Mr. Mark B. Miller, Assistant Secretary



    Mr. Jon Panofsky




    Region I: Located in Southampton, PA

    Region II: Located in Warminster, PA and Ivyland, PA - from Davisville Road to the side of York Road that heads North, excluding the Speedway

    Region III: Located in Warminster, PA - from the side of York Road that heads South to Valley Road, including the Speedway

    About Our School Board
    School Board members are elected at the November general election to four year terms on a staggered basis. All members are elected at-large. School Board members must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the Centennial School District for at least one year prior to seeking a Board seat. The Board meets the first week in December and elects a president and vice-president for the coming year.

    The duties/responsibilities of School Board members are to:

    • Profess a deep desire to serve children and a strong belief in the values of public schools and local control of public education.
    • Use their vested authority to establish, equip, furnish, operate and maintain the public schools.
    • Establish policies necessary for the governing of the school district, its employees, pupils and all persons entering school grounds or premises.
    • Ensure educational opportunities for all students of the school district.
    • Appoint a superintendent of schools and invest such powers in the superintendency as may be legally delegated.
    • Elect a treasurer and a secretary.
    • Act on personnel and related matters as recommended by the superintendent of schools.
    • Approve the annual budget.
    • Adopt a master calendar annually.
    • Enter into contracts with all personnel in the manner required by Pennsylvania law.
    • Levy taxes to maintain the schools and the educational system.

    Board Guidelines:

    • School Board members are both state and local officials. Though elected locally, they serve on behalf of the state legislature.
    • School Boards are units of local government, the only such unit spelled out in the state constitution.
    • School Boards are legislative bodies, empowered to set policy within the framework of the statutes enacted by the legislature.
    • School Boards participate in long range/strategic planning, and evaluate the results.
    • By law, each School Board consists of nine members who serve four year terms of office, without pay.

    Community Comments

    All residents are encouraged to attend School Board meetings and to become more involved in the decisions which affect them and our students.

    Opportunities for community comment are provided at the beginning and end of each Work Session/Regular meeting which takes place on the second Tuesday of each month (except for July and August). Residents are encouraged to speak briefly concerning any matter under discussion by the Board during the course of the meeting, when recognized by the Board President. The privilege to address the Board does not extend to non-residents. If non-residents wish to bring an issue to the attention of the Board, they should write a letter to the Board President expressing their concern. This letter will be distributed to all Board members in the Board Information Packet.

    Speakers shall identify themselves by stating their name and address.

    Presentation is limited to approximately three minutes per person. Should any resident require more time, contact should be made with the Superintendent in advance of the meeting.  Residents may not submit multiple resident participation cards to extend their time beyond three (3) minutes. Please refer to Policy 903. Public Participation in Board Meetings for more information.