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    Mr. Steven Adams



    Ms. Mary Alice Brancato



    Mr. Andrew Dixon



    Mr. Flemming Godiksen



    Mr. Charles Kleinschmidt



    Mr. Mark B. Miller



    Hon. Bernie O'Neill



    Dr. Andrew Pollock



    Mr. David Shafter




    Region I: Located in Southampton, PA

    Region II: Located in Warminster, PA and Ivyland, PA - from Davisville Road to the North side of York Road, excluding the Speedway

    Region III: Located in Warminster, PA - from the South side of York Road to Valley Road, including the Speedway

    Board of School Directors
    The primary function of the Board is to establish the policies by which the schools are to be administered; the administration of the education program and conduct of school business shall be delegated to the Superintendent and staff.

    1. The Board’s primary role is one of governance and oversight. It determines policies to be implemented by the Superintendent and staff.
    2. The Board requires the Superintendent to direct the operation of the schools. As the school system’s chief administrator, the Superintendent translates the will of the Board into executive action.
    3. The Board requires the supervision and evaluation of staff performance by the Superintendent.

    Community Comments
    All residents are encouraged to attend School Board meetings and to become more involved in the decisions which affect them and our students.

    Opportunities for community comment are provided at the beginning and end of each Work Session/Regular meeting which takes place on the second Tuesday of each month (except for July and August). Residents are encouraged to speak briefly concerning any matter under discussion by the Board during the course of the meeting, when recognized by the Board President. The privilege to address the Board does not extend to non-residents. If non-residents wish to bring an issue to the attention of the Board, they should write a letter to the Board President expressing their concern. This letter will be distributed to all Board members in the Board Information Packet.

    Speakers shall identify themselves by stating their name and address.

    Presentation is limited to approximately three minutes per person. Should any resident require more time, contact should be made with the Superintendent in advance of the meeting.  Residents may not submit multiple resident participation cards to extend their time beyond three (3) minutes. Please refer to Policy 903. Public Participation in Board Meetings for more information.