• To Our McDonald Families,
    I am hoping you are all following the guidelines to keep your families safe and healthy.  As I have been a coach, physical education teacher and health teacher here in centennial since 1990, the traditional ways of education has changed, for a short time!  I am reaching out to you with some ideas to help keep you both physically and mentally strong.  The students at McDonald have worked on many topics this year that will help your families, below are just a few reminders:
    • Wash hands and bodies, we have all seen the commercials and k-2 did a complete lesson on this
    • clean clothes are a must, bacteria grows on worn clothing
    • eat a colorful plate of foods, do your best to cover all 5 food groups, limit the sweets
    • get up and move, the students know 60 minutes a day is what they need (parents join them)
    • get enough sleep but not too much, 8-10 hours for students
    • work on some form or mindfulness, my favorite is on gonoodle
    • please, don't sit at computers all day, shut the students computers down an hour or so before bed, they will sleep better
    • find some "me" time, parents and kids need their own time and space.
    • talk to family and friends (with the social distancing procedures, please), no one is alone and if you feel that you are, contact someone, our school counselors are fantastic! 

    This is a time like no other, getting back to the basics will help keep us grounded.  Be patient and kind to others, it makes them feel good and it will make you feel better.  


    I wish you all healthy days ahead.  


    Desiree McKenzie

    Health and Physical Education

    McDonald Elementary