Name:  Mr. Andrew Mahony
    Grade Level: 5
    Room No: C22
    Phone: 215-364-5974 x11284
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     Welcome to Mr. Mahony's website! Hopefully you will find the information both
    helpful and enjoyable.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at your
    convenience. Thanks! Have a nice day!
    Problem of the Week: (any student or parent who e-mails me the correct
    answer will get 1/2 Cup of TABS....1/4 Cup just for trying)
    New Problems:   Using the Distributive Property of Multiplication,
    please solve.  (Must use the Distributive Property, not Old School)
    1.  27 x 8 = 
    2.  78 x 6 =
    3.  237 x 3 = 
    4.  4,392 x 5 =