• History of Fred J. Stackpole Elementary School
    The Fred J. Stackpole Elementary School, located on Strathmann Drive in Southampton, has served the community as an educational institution for over 35 years. Additionally it has been the sight of numerous events sponsored by recreational teams, scout troops, and community-based organizations.
    Its formal opening ceremony was held on October 14, 1965. Mr. Gerald O. Hodge, Stackpole’s first principal, received an official “key” to the building from Mr. Hermann Veit of the Southampton School Authority. During this ceremony Mr. Fred Wright (President, Southampton School Board), Mr. Eugene Klinger (Secretary, Centennial Joint School Board & Southampton School Board), Dr. Everett A. McDonald (Regional Superintendent, Centennial Joint Schools), and Mr. Fred J. Stackpole (President, Centennial Joint School Board) gave remarks. Mr. Harry Tashjian conducted the school orchestra as they performed several musical selections. Miss Edna Voce directed the chorus for selections as well.
    Since it opening in 1965, the Fred J. Stackpole Elementary School has grown to a facility that educates approximately 500 students daily. This structure includes 30 classrooms and several other smaller rooms for specialized instruction. The school has classes for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. There are over 60 professional and support personnel who are responsible for providing a safe, stimulating learning environment. With the advent of computer technology and bolstered by a firm commitment to utilizing the best practice, the staff members work collaboratively to help each student achieve success. The traditional textbooks and printed materials are enhanced by the use of the Internet, microscopes, digital cameras, tape recorders, video cameras, laser disks, word processors, and calculators. The curriculum includes a community service component as led by the guidance counselor and other staff members. Students learn to be creative and critical thinkers as they study such disciplines as reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, and health.
    The students are involved in a variety of activities that add to the quality of life outside the school boundaries. Through outside agencies such as UNICEF and Operation Helping Hand, they donate funds to children who are less fortunate than they are. Within the school, students serve as buddy tutors, peer mediators, student council representatives, safety patrol members, and bus announcers.

    Stackpole is fortunate in having the support from the parents/guardians and the community. Through the generosity of the Home and School Association, a new playground was built; additional educational materials have been purchased; and many hours of volunteer service have been donated. Here parents/guardians are partners in the education of their children. They share their skills and interests as classroom presenters, library aides, computer helpers, and volunteer tutors. Communication between home and school is maintained in various ways – newsletters, report cards, e-mail, phone calls, and notes.