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    Name: Dr. Jacqueline D. Garcia 



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    Dr. Garcia's Read Aloud One: Carmela Full of Wishes Part 1CarmelaFullofWishes

    Dr. Garcia's Read Aloud Two: Carmela Full of Wishes Part 2 CarmelaFullofWishesPART2

    Dr. Garcia's Read Aloud Three: (My book) I Am Smart in Different Ways https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c_U2vowFxZ3iQCSbGTYUlv5d9-OetLDz/view

    Dr. Garcia's Reading Aloud Three (My Book) I am Smart in Different Ways Part 2: Part2

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Amazing Grace Part 1Amazing Grace Part 1

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Amazing Grace Part 2 AmazingGracePart2

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Yonder Mountain Yonder Mountain

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens Tops and Bottoms


    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Who Was Benjamin Franklin PART 1 (5 minutes) BenFranklin

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Who Was Benjamin Franklin Part 2 (5 minutes) BenFranklinPart2

    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Who Was Benjamin Franklin Part 3 (5 minutes) BenFranklinPart3


    Dr. Garcia's Reading of Flat Stanley Chapters 1 & 2 Flat Stanley


    Third Grade Distance Learning

    Davis Elementary


    We hope this finds you safe and well. We miss our students and know that we are thinking about our amazing “Adventurers” during this unprecedented time! We hope you had an opportunity to review the letter sent by our superintendent on Tuesday, March 24th. As this letter described possible scenarios for distance learning, we hope that the following information will provide guidelines for the next two weeks of learning activities for your third grader. You will find many of the given learning activities as a review of several learned concepts in each subject area. Your child should be spending a Maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes, each day, on all assigned learning activities. All students are expected to complete their assigned learning activities. If your third grader is having difficulty navigating these assignments, or if you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher for guidance. Your child’s specific teacher will contact you directly with information pertaining to how to check, complete, and submit work.  If your child sees Mrs. Bednarik or Mrs. Gilbert for Reading or Math Instruction, they will be reaching out with specific assignments.                                                                      

                                                                                                                                  Warmest regards,

    Your Third-Grade Team






    Click Here for Welcome Letter 

    First Week Checklist and Gentle Reminders 

    Please note: I will not require vinyl folders; red pens; or pencil sharpeners.

    To help us with STEAM projects and Passion Projects, Scotch Tape and Duck Tape are always appreciated. 

    Grade Level: 3

    Room No: A24

    Phone: 215-441-6000 X 15124

    Email: garcja@centennialsd.org



    Welcome to A24 Responsibility Way!

    Mission: Empowering Leaders and Thinkers of Tomorrow

    To foster successful interpersonal and self-determination skills for young children, while achieving academic excellence.