Name: Mr. Joseph Lauch
    Grade Level: K-5, Physical Education
    Room No: Gym
    Phone No: 215-364-5980 x11367
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    Welcome to the 2020- 2021  school year!
     Hi! I'm Mr. Lauch the Physical Education teacher here at Davis Elementary. This is my 21th year of teaching in the district. I know this is not how we planned to start our school year, but we are going to make the best of the situation. With some creativity, we will make this work!
    My goal as the PE teacher, is to get children to enjoy exercise and moving. Or as I like to say: GYM

    PE class at Davis



    During the months of September and October, we will be working on Dynamic Warm Up, and strengthing activities. Please be aware that if your child is present in the virtual PE class, and particpates, your child is finished with their requirement for the week. If your child misses the virtual lesson then they are required to go to my PE google classroom, click on classwork, and turn the assignment in for that week. Please try to provide your child with a safe and spacious area to move in during our vitual lessons.