• After School Clubs

    Teachers often organize after school clubs.  These clubs can reinforce/enrich the classroom experience or strengthen social skills.  Some of the clubs that are offered at Willow Dale include:

    Fabulous Females

    Open to all fifth grade girls, the club is designed to assist our young ladies with topics that are of particular interest to pre-adolescents as well as areas that often present as problematic (getting along, gossip, school work, personal care and hygiene).  

    Reading Olympics

    Here at Willow Dale, Reading Olympics is open to all fourth and fifth grade students who would like to be part of a team effort to read from a list of 45 books and attend a county-wide competition in April. In order to qualify for a team, your child would agree to read (or listen to) ten books from the Reading Olympics list which can be found on the Centennial Libraries webpage. Several copies of each title are available in the school library and reading room. Teams will begin meeting in January during some of their lunch and recess periods to discuss the books and prepare for the competition.  While we use the word “competition” to describe this event, we really consider Reading Olympics to be a “celebration of reading” where students of all abilities are encouraged to challenge themselves as readers and have fun sharing books with fellow readers!

    March Madness Basketball Tournament

    Open to students in grades 4 and 5, students form their own teams to compete at the building level.  The winning boys and girls team will go on to compete in the district elementary competition. 

    Reading Club

    Want to boost your child's love for reading? This club enhances reading and works on improving vocabulary and comprehension skills.   Students read a book each week and have group discussion about the books. 

    Drama Extracurricular After School Activity

    Students audition to perform in an annual drama performance. This activity builds confidence and improves speaking, listening, and performance skills.   This is usually open to students in grades 3 or 4.