Welcome to the Office of Technology and Innovation

  • The Office of Technology and Innovation oversees the district-wide systems for technology and innovation across the district, which include but are not limited to: hardware, software, web based tools and applications, network configuration, stability and security, instructional & administrative technology, professional learning and support, the district 1:1 initiative, etc.

    Anthony Gabriele, the Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning and Innovation sets the strategic vision and oversees the district wide systems for teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, technology, innovation and professional learning. 

    Organizational Clarity

    Strategically, the Office of Technology & Innovation remains committed to continuous improvement in the following key areas:

    • Academics and the Arts
    • Equity and Family Engagement
    • Innovation and Personalization

    Organizationally, the Office of Technology & Innovation stays committed to continuous improvement in the three key strategic areas by keeping a laser like focus on:

    • Student Achievement & ROI (Return on Instruction)
    • Equitable Opportunities for All
    • Proactive and Transparent Communication
    • Purposeful and Authentic Innovation
    • Fiscal Responsibility & ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Alignment of Managed Systems

    Operationally, the Office of Technology & Innovation stays committed to continuous improvement in the three key areas of the strategic plan and maintaining our organizational focus by:

    • Challenging traditional obstacles and replacing them with enhanced and innovative processes
    • Practicing inter-accountability
    • Practicing defined autonomy
    • Building internal leadership capacity
    • Embracing disequilibrium & the cycle of continuous improvement
    • Practicing proactive, collaborative decision making that reflects a Global, Future Ready Society

    Mr. Anthony Gabriele - Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning and Innovation
    GabrAn@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11051

    Ms. Meaghan Bandura -  Administrative Assistant
    BandMe@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11051

    Ms. Amy Campbell - Data & Software Administrator
    CampAm@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11053

    Mr. James Creighton - Jr. Data & Software Specialist
    CreiJa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11055

    Mr. Leon Willie - Jr. Network & Systems Specialist
    WillLe@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11054

    Mr. Fran Watkins - Network & Systems Administrator
    WatkFr@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11052

    Ms. Valerie Carson - Educational Technology Aide - Davis ES
    CarsVa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x15020

    Ms. Jenna Kwasniuk - Educational Technology Aide - Willow Dale ES
    KwasJe@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x17020

    Mr. Joey Jang - Educational Technology Support Specialist - William Tennent HS
    JangHo@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x12022

    Mr. Raymond Mariotti - Educational Technology Aide - McDonald ES
    MariRa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x16020

    Ms. Ann Smith - Educational Technology Support Specialist - Klinger MS
    SmitAn@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x15020

    Ms. Ann Van Zelst - Educational Technology Support Specialist - Log College MS
    VanzAn@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x14020