•  Welcome to the Office of Learning and Innovation!

     Anthony Gabriele, Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning & Innovation

    Joseph Rutz, Assistant Director of Secondary Education

    Shawanna James-Coles, Assistant Director of Elementary Education

    Jamie Kifferly, Data Coordinator

    Mary Anne Robold, Administrative Assistant 

    Fran Watkins, Network and Systems Administrator

    Amy Campbell, Database and Software Administrator

    Leon Willie, Jr. Network and Systems Specialist

    James Creighton, Jr. Data and Software Specialist

    Meaghan Bandura, Administrative Assistant

    Hoyeon Jang, Education Technology Specialist

    Ann Smith, Education Technology Specialist

    Ann Van Zelst, Education Technology Specialist

    Valerie Carson, Education Technology Aide

    Jenna Kwasniuk, Education Technology Aide

    Raymond Mariotti, Education Technology Aide


     For information, please contact (215) 441-6000, Extension 11007

    The Office of Learning and Innovation oversees the district-wide curriculum and instruction, student programs and activities, district and state assessments, and faculty and staff professional development in the district. Curriculum includes the courses of study for all subjects K-12, instructional resources, and assessments. Student programs include: athletics, arts, extra-curricular activities, clubs, assemblies, and field trips. We ensure that students have opportunities to enhance their unique skills and build capacity in all areas. 

    The Office of Learning and Innovation oversees the administration of all state assessments, such as the PSSA, PASA, Keystone Exams, MAP, and WIDA, and coordinates the administration of nationally recognized exams such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, and the Advanced Placement Exams. In addition to developing and administrating programs for students, the Office of Learning and Innovation develops and facilitates professional development for administrators, teachers, and support staff. Additionally, the Office of Learning and Innovation coordinates all student teacher and practicum placements, ensures compliance with all school safety regulations, and serves as a liaison to community organizations.

    The Acting Assistant to the Superintendent for Learning and Innovation is the administrative liaison to the Education Committee of the Centennial School Board as well as the Chair of the District’s Act 48 Committee. The Acting Assistant to the Superintendent supervises all professional staff and instructional and co-curricular programs.