• Dear Math Student and Parent,

            Welcome to our team! This year’s math topics will review many topics from the previous level, but also extend into new topics. We will use a math series entitled CPM Mathematics. By the end of this year we will have studied the following topics:    

    • Statistics and data analysis 
    • number theory
    • ratios percents and proportions
    • operations using whole numbers
    • fractions and integers
    • decimals
    • algebra patterns and graphing
    • probability
    • geometry

    Students will be assessed throughout the year through tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, work habit skills, and occasional projects. The breakdown looks like this:


    The following is the breakdown for grades as well as an approximate system of how I will break down my classroom grades:                  

    90%-100% = A Work Habits/Participation =5%
    80% - 89% = B    Homework = 10%
    70% - 79% = C Skills =15% 
    60% - 69% = D Assignments = 30%
    0% - 59% = F Assessments (Tests and Quizzes) = 40%

    -Students will need to bring the needed material to class every day (notebook, Chromebook, and pencil).  Repeated offenses, if they are not brought, may lead to a reduction in the work habits category. These will be checked for on a daily basis.


    Please use my website and canvas for important information and communication.   I use canvas to post daily homework assignments (see link under homework calendar section). There are several useful links found here. In addition I will send home weekly e-mail updates relating to our class and reminders when we have an upcoming quiz or test.


    Finally, there will be much emphasis placed on appeasing the various learning styles in our classroom and at the same time mastering the above math topics. To accomplish this, work in math class will be done independently, with partners, and in cooperative groups. In order to provide a classroom atmosphere where all students feel safe and comfortable while learning, there are behavior expectations in math. These expectations are:

    1.     Bring all necessary materials to class-writing utensils, textbook, homework, and notebook. 

    2.     Arrive to class on time.

    3.     Raise your hand to speak

    4.     Respect all students, teachers, and their property